About East by West

Superior Goods for Everyday Adventures

We follow our heart
We free ourselves of labels
We lose control willingly
We trade a role for reality
We love the unfamiliar
We trust strangers
We own only what we can carry
We search for better questions, not answers
We see the moment of symmetry,
in an otherwise chaotic universe
We, sometimes, choose never to come back

 We are East by West

Forever Free.

Inspired by adventure, photography and amazing people, East by West creates unique accessories that compliment a lifestyle filled with good times and wanderlust. We believe in bringing only what’s necessary and have designed slim products that will keep a tight grip on your cards, cash, lighter and passport all day long. Every wallet and cover tells a story with epic photographs from all over the planet. The word around the campfire is that your wallet or cover will flex, form and flatten out the more adventures you bring it on.

The products are tear resistant, waterproof and handmade in Sweden with love.


If you are interested in selling our products or do any sort of collaboration with us, just shoot an email and we’ll work out something great together!


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